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Cookridge Village Hall Association


A play by Francis Durbridge
Directed by Susan Plume

5th - 7th May at 7:30pm

Helen Tenby
Maggie Howard
Ruth Belcher
Sam Blaine
Sheila Wallis
Glenn Howard
Inspector Appleton
Superintendent Remick
Jenny Heald
Sue Lyon
Sara Briggs
Rob Handby
Liz Brooks
Paul Sanderson
Dan Stead
Paul Barrow

Stage design, build & management

Lighting & sound effects
Properties & wardrobe
Poster & programme
Front of house & refreshments
Ticket sales
John Birkby
Liz Brooks
Dan Stead
David Fry
Ryan Bainbridge
Joan Plume
Gary Richardson
Jenny Heald
Friends of the Society

Sue Lyon
Liz Brooks


For the second production of the CADS 60th anniversary year, following our successful "Aladdin" pantomime in February,
we travel back to the early 1980s. This was a time before the everyday use of mobile phones for calls and texts,
when landlines were all that was available to the general public for quick communication
and when call boxes were on many a street corner.
It was a time when forensic science was not as advanced as it is now in establishing place and time of a murder,
and DNA testing was not available to the police.

By the early 1980s, Prince Charles and Princess Diana had been married only a couple of years
and their first child, Prince William, had recently been born.
Margaret Thatcher was in Number 10 and there was a renewed sense of patriotism and optimism
following the successful recapture of the Falkland Islands.

We take you back to a time of the Rubik's Cube, of Commodore personal computers, of jackets
with large shoulder pads and sleeves rolled-up, of tight-fit jeans and trousers in denim or corduroy
and chinos in beige cotton. It was a time when track suits, ski pants, leg warmers and t-shirts
became part of everyday fashion for both men and women.

Pop stars of the time included Boy George and Culture Club, Adam Ant, Wham!, Michael Jackson and The Human League.
A loaf of bread cost about 37p, a pint of milk around 20p and the Mini mentioned in the play would have
set you back just under 3,500 from new.
Welcome back to the early 1980s!


Production Photos