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Cookridge Village Hall Association


Guy Paxton & Edward V Hoile
Directed by Liz Brooks
Co-Director Helen Heald

8th - 10th November at 7:30pm

CAST (in order of appearance)
Molly Harris
Charles Pentwick
Bobby Bentley
Mr Mole
Fritzy Villiers
Dick Pentwick
Margaret Pentwick
Mrs Harris
Jenny Heald
Rob Handby
Paul Jennings
Dan Stead
Liz Brooks
Gary Richardson
Sue Lyon
Susan Plume

Stage Design, Build & Management

Lighting & Sounds Effects

Properties & Wardrobe

Poster & Programme
Front of House & Refreshments

Ticket Sales/Box Office

John Birkby
David Fry
Liz Brooks
David Fry
Dan Stead
Joan Plume
Liz Brooks
Paul Sanderson
Liz Brooks
Helen Heald

Sue Lyon
Liz Brooks
Liz Brooks
Helen Heald


Welcome to Cookridge Village Hall, and our autumn production. This year we have taken CADS back to its roots, with a classic farce.
Written and set in the 1950s, this play follows the fortunes of Charles Pentwick and his friends over the course of two eventful days.
A simple error of judgement has caused Pentwick's wife to leave him and his friends and family desperately want to help save his marriage.
The one error of judgement is quickly followed by more, until a tangled web of well-meant deceit looks like it will be the downfall of everyone involved.

The play is set in a time of drab austerity, reflected by a simple almost monochrome set.
What brings the play to life are the vivid characters, most of whom hail from the brightly lit world of the London stage,
and who are somewhat bemused by life in a rural backwater with its local characters.
At the heart of this play is a joyful comraderie which develops between a disaparate group of people brought together by circumstance.

Earlier this year we sat and read many plays and this one really made us all chuckle.
Farce is one of the most challenging genres for an amateur group, who have to maintain a fast pace whilst delivering quite complex lines in an understandable fashion.
We hope we have captured an atmosphere that reflects a time which is characterised by very different social rules to those of today.

I hope that the hard work and determination of the cast and back stage crew is succesful in providing you with an entertaining and enjoyable evening,
and I would like to than you for being in our audience and supporting our society.