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Cookridge Village Hall Association

The Tales of ROBIN HOOD

Written and Directed by Daniel Stead

16th & 23rd February at 2:30pm
21st & 22nd February at 7:30pm

Dame Edna Clarion
Maid Marion
Robin Hood
Sheriff of Nottingham
Sister Sledge
Sister Lassie Bodacious
Bert Russell
Ernie Hemmingway
Little John
Miss Scarlett
Tall Paul
Medium-Sized Malcolm
Hans Sign
Prince John
/ King Richard
/ Piano Player
Gary Richardson
Jenny Heald
Gemma Corcoran
Paul Jennings
Susan Plume
Liz Brooks
Cath Higgins
Kerry Forde
Paul Sanderson
Imogen Forrest
Laila Gibson
Kaitlyn Townsend
Elise Howells
Emme Holmes
Olivia Hemmingway
John Birkby
Barry the Bear
Joan Plume
Dan Stead

Stage Management

Lighting & Sound


Props & General Assistance

Set Build/Decoration


Make-up & Postiche

Front of House & Ticket Sales




Special Thanks

Very Special Thanks
Liz Brooks

David Fry
Ryan Bainbridge

Joan Plume

Helen Heald

Liz Brooks
John Birkby

Susan Plume

Jenny Heald

Helen Heald
Jenny Heald

Helen Heald
Friends of the Society

Liz Brooks
Members of the Society

John Heald
John Birkby

Rob Handby (aka Marlon)

Parents of the Merry Folk


Welcome to the CADS pantomime of 2019!

Back in ye olden days, the village of Cookridge sat at the end of the mighty Sherwood Forest,
and tales spread far and wide about its inhabitants - the legendary hero Robin Hood and the Merry Folk.

Along with Robin Hood and his Sherwood crew, you will find a familiar cast of characters in our show;
Maid Marion, Little John and the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham; as well as some new friends for you to meet.

We hope you laugh, boo, cheer, maybe even dance and sing your way through today's show!

It has been two years since I volunteered the idea of putting on Robin Hood as a pantomime; and I am delighted
in the way the cast and crew have helped me put together our show, and brought it to life in ways I could
never have anticipated - terrible jokes and all!
~ Daniel Stead, February 2019


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